Rambutan is right up there with AndroGel for great contraindications. #dangerousproduce
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  • saltcityhoopsRambutan is right up there with AndroGel for great contraindications. #dangerousproduce

  • bigeeejWhen should we expect the "Salt City Fruit" blog and Instagram feed to come out?
  • saltcityhoops@bigeeej It's already here! This is it!
  • meradithcI think you would get more comments if you'd dumb yourself down a bit for your followers. I had to look up "contraindication" and "androgel", and I still don't get it. I like @bigeeej's comment, but I don't think he gets it either. I get that the big brown seeds are poisonous. And that I don't want to use a testosterone topical gel. You're just too clever for your own good Spence.
  • saltcityhoops@meradithc I like to give my viewers a little homework, ha ha. The AndroGel reference is an inside joke for those of us who watch NBA TV all day and have to watch the ridiculous commercials over and over. There was a degree of difficulty on this joke, however, due to the fact that showing the actual Rambutan fruit would have looked like innuendo, believe me. Hits and misses with exotic fruit jokes, for sure, ha ha.
  • meradithcHahaha, nice. Well I wouldn't dare accuse you of a "miss," but I read it a few times debating if I was too cool to admit that it went completely over my head. Also, we haven't seen you much around the old hood lately. We're not fooled by the blogs that you got, you're still (you're still) Spencer from the block. Do we have to bribe with apple crisp a la mode?
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