100 pounders. ... Moonfish at Honolulu Fish Market
  • chefaz100 pounders. ... Moonfish at Honolulu Fish Market

  • ryanhsuh@jeffdaviscourt find something similar while you're there!
  • jeffcrociThose Taste so good!
  • fishinlaThose little bites on the fish are from round sharks that attack the fish once they're caught on the long line.
  • scotty_staubOpah. 😄
  • indyboogiedogWow!
  • sukatuhOpah Gangnam Style @mahmee
  • 11216You're in my neck of the woods. Have fun and eat something wacky.
  • 11216Oh and try to check out Royal Kitchen in the Chinese Culture Center in Chinatown. They have thee best baked bao aka manapua. Google them "royalkitchenhawaii"
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