Watching the finale of #antm cycle 19
  • bryanboycomWatching the finale of #antm cycle 19

  • tay.reynI'm watching too
  • conward_fameKiara should've won! 😍#fierce
  • deatactived_@steviet0318 ur right @chasintime yes y Laura kaira should have won she was so much better
  • morganetprLaura did not deserve to win. Kiara is 10 times the person Laura is
  • bloo___I think that the results surprised a majority of us when Leila was eliminated first. Im happy for Laura although during the season she let herself get sidetracked by Kristen
  • sarahlgerberMe 2
  • tshwingAngry with the result !!!!!!
  • miley1119What the fuck!Laura is a total bitch!
  • ossiestylerLeila should hv won
  • iamvulangry about laura leila should have wob. I am never watching antm AGAIN. all my favorites NEVER win.
  • janna_jonesFurne One of Amato Couture.... Just amazing!
  • kreshterI thought final 2 would be kiara and liela. Disappointed with the result :(
  • foreign_nurse242Laura shouldn't have won! First #ANTM where I wasn't at all excited for the winner :/
  • elloshvnnonI agree! Lauras pretty but please she was so arrogant, kiara deserved it
  • itsjustrayna___kiara really deserves it she is beautiful
  • rai_karunaI agree...Leila was the most deserving
  • fleckmooKiara deserve to win :(
  • happy_pr03I think laura should have gotten it. She has a great walk and she has great presence in her pictures.
  • the_veronicasWIN Laura! She was tha fucking best and yes she can be a pornstar too
  • cynthia_ctLooks like Gaga
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