Its always good to have friends wi th things you want. This made a happy lady today. # horse fever
  • dwyanewadeIts always good to have friends wi th things you want. This made a happy lady today. # horse fever

  • oscaromer:)
  • oscaromer?
  • ian1789D wade is awesome
  • xoangelicaf_thats Gabrielle union && they arent married yet
  • kmccall23You can ride my horses any day anytime 😛
  • i_amsweetz@jadeblaize it's Gabrielle Union, lol. Don't think they married yet tho ☺
  • sarebear.md2bCongrats on the win today.. Start off the new year right! All this talk about the world ending if it ends u will want your love by ur side. Pop that question! But do it in a cute way! YouTube some idearsss. Love u Dwayne! And adore.. ADORE Gabrielle.
  • lifewiththegreens_Marry her already!!!!! 👍👍👍
  • abomalsوجع استح على وجهگ😠
  • nathanrose2Hey d wade I don't know if u see this but I wanted to say u had a great all star game @dwyanewade and I wish u luck throughout the rest of the season
  • ernie.kayeNice
  • leandra_sepedaDear Dwyane..... I know you probably won't read this but.. your my idol. I am in 7 th grade and I play basketball too. I am sure people have told you you can't do it so stop playing.. that's what I am going through right now. And your not that type of good player that is stuck up and has no time for family... you know family comes first and you are not good you are amazing not even that word can describe you. Whenever you play I feel like you play for me. Good luck on the rest of your career. I will always remember you.
  • jaybee0831@dwyanewade The above comment is too cute. Wade go see that child. He deserves to have you as an inspiration. 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
  • castellonandyYess do go see him. @dwyanewade
  • wealthy_motivated_lioness^^^ @leandrasepeda4 so sweet
  • leandra_sepedalol I am a girl... @jaybee0831 @castellonandy but thanks he truly is amazing.
  • killaaakelssDeliver Us From Eva one of my favorite movies @gabunion
  • ayesha_j_🐴
  • pretty_kiyah4Like it
  • jacob.toneyI have that same hat
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