No more Twinkies & Wonder Bread?? Hostess says it's going out of business.
  • nbcnightlynewsNo more Twinkies & Wonder Bread?? Hostess says it's going out of business.

  • duke5135Going to miss my wonder bread!! No more sandwiches for me!!!
  • ash.a._@burner865 @sagesent
  • 51letsdothisThis is just horrible! :(
  • alisdnwHorrible! This makes me sad.
  • vincebautistaNow what are we going to eat after WWIII?
  • nola_chick_ladyIt is all because of the unions! They are ruining America!
  • hkuber2016R u kidding me? There goes the thrift store in philly where i get my hostess stuff real cheap!!! Now what 2 do??? Smh
  • aurejr408I can't live without Twinkies and their cinnamon rolls!
  • bgthurmondPeople shouldn't be eating something with a shelf life of a year anyhow.
  • sandrayorbaNo!!!!!! 😩😢😓
  • eddieboymakgavIt has nothing to do with our president - if u wanna blame someone - blame the unions!!!!!
  • camdenweberLol at this person blaming Obama for Hostess' bankruptcy
  • gopicUnions are Obama and that administration. Unions are a plague and cancer to this country.
  • ubinam_rosariumWhat about the Executives at Hostess who gave themselves huge pay raises despite the company's $ problems. Why not blame them? Union workers built a lot of the infrastructure in this country and it is union workers who maintain and crew commercial airplanes. My mother belonged to a union, so I know unions are not a "plague & cancer" on this country. Overpaid executives are the problem.
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