Day with a vampire tonight!
  • tidymomDay with a vampire tonight!

  • tfortink$7 tix that's awesome! It's a few $$$ more here.
  • tidymomThat was supposed to say DATE night @tfortink benefits of a small town ;)
  • sassymom09I'm sitting in the theatre right now waiting for it to start! Enjoy!
  • rebsgarciaWow, the price shocked me too! Its 11 or 12 here...
  • raegunramblingsHave a blast!
  • lisacngJealous!
  • sweetpeabakes$7 for an evening ticket?!!! Wow!!!
  • r_mckeeLove seeing all the pics of people sharing in my crazy! Enjoy!!
  • itschristinamainEeeeeep! So excited! We see it Sat! $7?!?! Ours were $14 each!
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