Old & new.
  • vergeOld & new.

  • uwetrottmannSpot the difference!
  • brandonknguyenShould I get a nexus 4 or Lumia 920??? #LTE
  • narciguzmanWhat is a diferrence?
  • davidquesadaold and new and I wasn't able to fucking buy one even tho I was there trying little a stupid ho.
  • samuraibsdGoing to get a Nexus 4, but now that my N7 has 4.2, I agree with the sentiment that the bold hour font is kind of terrible.
  • thejameslaiWow that is REALLY bad. Who let that slip through
  • brentvandammeSo pissed there's no LTE... Maybe I'll get the Droid DNA. I'll keep at eye on Rootzwiki to see if anyone cooks up a good "stock" ROM.
  • radialspokeSo use a different clock? Can't wait for my N4 to arrive.
  • dannymichelLike it, but LTE was a huge fail
  • atliyI can't stand that bold hour font :(
  • hadeurI wonder what phone was used to take this picture.. ;)
  • branflake30I guess im the only one that loves the bold font
  • dedevillelaFrom a Nexus One owner point of view, I love both! :)
  • tcynicI'm a big fan of the bold hour. Different strokes I guess
  • brikwong94this is sooooo hot
  • sammyswanteeWait... they look the same... is that the joke? Still love my nexus.
  • kfilipov13The one on the left is GNEX and the one on the right is a nexus 4
  • kfilipov13Dam I love the new swipe keyboard
  • yashowardhansStill prefer the old one.
  • zuhairsaitNow there is one simple app can get 4G on Nexus 4. On rooted device only. Very easy and instant 4G
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