Up early today!
  • shecksUp early today!

  • tedneedsfriendsYoooooo Ryan. You're the man. Watched your shows when I was in grade school, haha. Hope you're still killin out there. Much love.
  • golffielicious@shecks best shot
  • martinaipucha
  • mrscottcarr@hiimprincessmia Jesus Christ chill the fuck out! Its his life!
  • hiimprincessmia@scottcarr1 First of all, You're late for the response, since the comment is a week old. Second of all, you don't have to curse, have some respect for yourself. And third of all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I said it because I care. So you need to chill.
  • mrscottcarr@hiimprincessmia well I apologize for the response. Insta needs to say when the comment was made! Anyways, cursing is just words, just because I say something, doesn't mean I'm a bad person. Ryan curses. A lot of people do. I don't personally do drugs, or support that, I'm just saying, if he decides to do drugs, so be it. And you're the one who said that in all caps.
  • hiimprincessmia@scottcarr1 I said it in caps so he can see it, that's all. & it says on right side of each comment, when they were posted. Ryan needs to stop cursing since he has so many people that look up to him & no one should do drugs, especially him. He's a role model, and needs to be a positive influence on people, especially children. Also the people that know you, know how you are, but those that don't, one bad word can make you look like a bad person instantly. & I accept your apology...no hard feelings:)
  • mrscottcarr@hiimprincessmia I'm on an old iPod so this app dosent work very well. A's a skateboarder myself, skating means total freedom. I've met Ryan and he's really nice and I can assure you he dosent do drugs! :)
  • hiimprincessmia@scottcarr1 I didn't believe it when I read the post online, but I wanted to make sure that he doesn't. Ryan is amazing, he has no idea how many people he has that don't know him, but actually care. Ryan has the power to affect change for the good and I really want him to use it. Not many people get a chance to be famous worldwide. He's one in a million. I'm glad that you have something that you love, that gives you freedom legally. Keep it up and be a positive influence as well. Fame or no fame, we're all role models. We all have to choose our part.
  • mrscottcarr@hiimprincessmia true that!!
  • hiimprincessmia@scottcarr1 :)
  • johnmc_mia@hiimprincessmia you have to be the dumbest most native moron I've ever encountered, @shecks can do W.E!! He wants. all the years of him breaking bones and working 24/7 should give him the right to do what he pleases. :)
  • hiimprincessmia@jmcconn First of all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Second of all, the comment is from a while back, and I said the same thing to the other guy that replied. And why would you call someone a moron, especially a girl? Anyways, To reply to your comment politely since I'm not the type to call someone what you just called me, Ryan isn't a random person like you who thinks its okay to do drugs. Ryan chose to be a role model, so he should play his part right:)
  • ohhlawdddDamn @shecks
  • ohhlawdddHey man
  • ohhlawdddLmao
  • jaydaboo23I really wanna learn how to skateboard.
  • cheeky444Nice sunrise
  • jn_live_love_laughNice..
  • reynosopatriciaHilarious
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