Just B4 the show hanging with @khloekardashian
  • killingheroinJust B4 the show hanging with @khloekardashian

  • its__ryannnOk jeez Khloe and I'm not disrespecting vino he's awesome
  • its__ryannn@mysecretdisease
  • nathivaGê...essa idiota quer pegar meu Vino :/ @leticiaaugust ...
  • leticiaaugustooHahahah nao deixa nao ! Fight for him haha @nathiva
  • nathiva@leticiaaugust Bora pegar ela...kkkkkk'
  • leticiaaugustooHahahaha @nathiva doidaaa
  • nathiva@leticiaaugust olha soh quem ta falando.haha'
  • nandaavThe first time when you saw Khloe Kardashian I honestly thought that you would kiss her.
  • shelleydegelosI love Vinos voice! I voted for him so many times last night. Demi was so rude to him! Shame on her!
  • babyirissaLuv luv
  • babyirissaDemi stop hating on vino shame on u for judging cause hes different
  • germ.ini@rynicholas and @laranda78 throwing it out there, your opinion of Khloe probably doesnt bother her at all. Look at where she is, and look at where you are. Get over yourselves, im so sick of people judging others because they're succesful, and the Kardashians seem to get the most shit for it. She's stunning, and hilaaaarious. Shes on tv, you're in the loiunge. hushhh
  • laranda78@aratamarogers_94 before you put my name anywhere, I just said she was annoying that was all. Nothing about her success or anything about that. And you dont know me to even say I'm not succesful. But I guess some people like drama and feel tougher behind a screen.
  • michaelrobelli@vinoalan please follow me I'm your biggest fan and vote every week
  • its__ryannnYea really I don't even know me u don't know if I'm successful or not and I'm not judging because she's famous @aratamarogers_94 and bye the freaking way ur profile pic is dumb it looks like Kloe got popped on hahaha
  • geraldinedelgadoo@vinoalan you honestly deserve to win after everything you've been threw never judge a book by its cover you're truly amazing!
  • annaleighfitzKhloe kicks ass. Not as much ass as Vino does though. Doubt this is actually him though. A guy like that is too cool for instagram. But holy hell do I hope he wins. Carly rose shouldn't have above him in the rankings
  • loving_life_kris75Ur voice is incredible, they made the wrong move!!
  • akeizakiI love you Vino ☺😘
  • theehairstudioYou look good here @vinoalan
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