Roof OPENED! @MarlinsPark is ready for soccer! Kick-off is at 8 PM!
  • marlinsRoof OPENED! @MarlinsPark is ready for soccer! Kick-off is at 8 PM!

  • emilio_patricioTremenda mierda!!
  • rolypad@giancarlo818 plain & simple, ur team is a JOKE!
  • jzus18Little preview of next year's attendance
  • nestorbeEveryone crying and complaining about the trade, has no sense in baseball or business, what do you want those players for? To spend millions of dollars and finish last place in the division again? Johnson has dead arm, will never be the same again, Buerhle is a good pitcher but also old and wont be better in the future, other players expensive and overvalued. I think this was (once again) a great and smart move from the directive!!! Thank you once again Loria & Beinfest, one of the best directives in the league! Go Marlins forever!!!
  • carlos_sj@marlins get used to seeing those seats empty because you have one very pissed off fan base on your hands
  • carloscastellanos#sellthemarlins
  • destrilogy@nestorbe your fucking retarted.
  • nestorbe@the1and_only24 Yes you're right, they overpaid, they needed to make a big splash with the franchise change/new stadium, but what happened? Things clearly didn't workout, you got to turn the page and fill your EMPTY minor league teams and think about the future, I'm not worried at all about next season, because I know we have maybe the best directive in the game, we have always had a competitive team on the field every year and we will have one next year, last year's team looked like a world series team and what happened? We got one of the worst records in years... If you like teams that overpay players and have no minor league farm, just go and root for the Yankees!
  • mmendez0407I HATE U GUYS
  • meat119real marlin fans dont panic,i think we did the right thing,we finish last with the same 160,000,000$ roster,we win with no names,only the 97 title we bought,03 we won the title with guys who came up in our farm system,we dont these overpriced niggas.i like the deal long as stanton here for four more years.
  • swaggie___br_oo@ampathlete11 haha retard look at dis.
  • nestorbe@the1and_only24 I liked Hanley, until he got that "Superstar" attitude around 2 years ago, and started to do whatever he wanted and stopped caring about the team, and only played for his numbers... Was also a good trade, maybe in another team he will do better if he changes his mindset.
  • nestorbe@meat119 That's what I'm talking about.. Build the team around Stanton, only valuable player we had last year...
  • nestorbe@the1and_only24 Yeah, I think they will try to get some starting pitching, maybe a catcher and a couple of if/of players, but not sure how big they would spend... The only negative side I see about this whole trades is free agents being afraid to sign with the Marlins in the future... Many of the players sent to Toronto are unhappy because in Canada they will have to pay higher taxes.. and this may scare future free agents! But It's what we needed 100%
  • meat119@nestorbe yea johnson shoulders bad,buck was garbage,boni was fast but cant get a hit,buerle was good,reyes was ok but he under acheived here,now watch the 2013 marlins surprise everybody.
  • mattw300Nice! It can fit for Miami Hurricane football!!! Get rid of the Marlins and give the Canes there home back..
  • johnrh3F*ck off nigga @kevin_88
  • nborches@mattw300 Amen! It's all about the U!
  • handy_manny87@meat119 I'm with you. I want to see Miami progressively get better and see what the haters have to say then.
  • untamed_13east_Unbelievable
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