Um, #JustinBieber was a 1960's #GirlScout? #twinsies #beliebers
  • tmz_tvUm, #JustinBieber was a 1960's #GirlScout? #twinsies #beliebers

  • cutefashion101xoxoGet a life tmz, please you make the human population look bad.
  • ___jennayy___no one even watches your show.
  • arielroggShut up and get a life TMZ !
  • kayvesuvioU people need to get some sense knocked in to you you take a nice person and tear them apart what if everyone just started to say stuff about you guys what you say about the stars they have no privacy and they get no respect you wounded why they are like this because of people like you guys you don't realize it right now but it's gonna come back and bit you guys in you're butts pop stars have to hide and try to find peace but you guys always find them and ruin it for them they need peace and @justinbieber he was strong way too long and he broke so are you guys happy not only you hurt Justin but you hurt his Beliebers and family and friends so congratulations you have created a star but you have destroyed the human inside alls you guys are is a tv show filled with bullies honestly what did they ever do to you, oh that's right NOTHING it's just sick and I hope you see what your doing sooner because it's not right some of them are still living their child hood and your distorting it
  • cynbeck35Go get a f******life @tmz_tv
  • mixed_fanbaseYOUR GAY AS FUCK HE WASNT EVEN BORN THEN 1994 was when he was born .
  • ishiphedgefrogOH MY GOD I HATE YOU SO MUCH
  • jai.will.be_deadFUCK YOU TMZ
  • alexsestradaHA GAYYYYY
  • allyssa.brookeeU guys are fuckers
  • typical.teaYour dumb
  • 60stylesyerYou're so dumb.
  • iammelolSo dumb
  • zohal.grzSO STUPID !
  • karenbiebsberweeewww grrrrrr
  • carogommez👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊😡😡😡😡😡😡 fuck you!!
  • denise.yeetUr so stupid! Do u need an eye doctor?! Why am I asking of course u do
  • bootymitcj✊✊✊✊Dick heads
  • briannalongman😂😂😂 this is so true
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