Through the eyes of a patient.
  • hollyjulianThrough the eyes of a patient.

  • aimeeonthegoThis is so cute! Dentist career couple :)
  • nurseladykBlake seems so young to have his denistry already that's nuts but congrats to you both! I have watched you guys from day one on Bachelor Pad and you guys are so cute together :)
  • jackkiev@hollyjulian sooo true! 😷
  • gkimberlyBest looking dental team
  • jo_fulbright@hollyjulian I miss you guys!! 😷
  • picmeartsyHollyyyyy !!! I miss you . Team Julian in the house
  • mrsjaime22@hollyjulian must be polishing or adjusting with a round white stone ;)
  • breesey112520Freaky, but so cool!! I hate the dentist. :( Don't remember the last time I went. 😁
  • luvsthecityHolly,I saw your husband Blake on the Doctors today 4/17/13.
  • hollyjulian@hungirl I heard! That's great!
  • sabacadqera378I wish Blake was my dentist!! My teeth would be perfect if I went to y'all on a regular basis!
  • sampauleypocketLoved assisting!! You two make a great team :) I am so pleased you two got married and are going on to have a wonderful life together ❤️
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