In and out..!!
  • truthslingerIn and out..!!

  • truthslinger#Africa #Kenya #Diani #interior #Architecture #design #Swahilibeach #S3
  • elsie_k13Awesome. Is this the one for Avril's video?
  • mal0taYou make Kenya so beautiful.
  • truthslingerThanks @ek13_photos but I have no idea. I haven't seen Avrils video.
  • truthslingerThanks @mal0ta. I always say Kenya is super beautiful, I'm privileged to see and share that beauty.
  • mal0taI totally agree! And the fact that these are not safari shots make them all the more amazing.
  • truthslingerYeah I know what you mean. As much as I like what Africa is known for, I like to show this developed side with cool architecture and stuff. This is also Kenya and Africa. I wish it was seen more though @mal0ta
  • mal0taWith the hastags, discovering them is easy, and your blog winning the award also indicates that your work is being recognized. Africa can only truly be discovered if we, its children proudly display her.
  • truthslingerThat my friend is true. @mal0ta I'm encouraged to know it means something all this.
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