Going too hard. Day 5/60 wit @bwsbyrd
  • losangelesconfidentialGoing too hard. Day 5/60 wit @bwsbyrd

  • 69spicoli69What r u doing? Insanity now?
  • jazzyfaluzaMmm my bby Game!!! Always looking bomb!
  • junior.be.so.tattedYo my g @handsomeassnigga doctor advocate and my love has me in tears my gmom has been closer then parents for me and she told me she's leaving me before the end of the year... The shit fucked my g i been sippin and tearing to your tracks all night. i love you g no homo your music has helped me keep my chin up i got love for you Fuck a later ill kill them niggaz
  • mz_jazzy777not a gud work out if u ain't atleast slightly nauseous
  • steflonginProb knockn out more niggaz
  • peaches__ross_Looking good
  • rayraybabiieU so cute yo @handsomeassnigga
  • xotanelleDamn 
  • monaspixCome'on Rocky you got dis
  • spyceitupdon't over do it.
  • girlthatsdaffrominstaBro the JESUS PIECE album is one of your TOP TWO ALBUMS you EVER put out . That shit was beating through my dre beats and @kevinhart4real is one funny guy. My favorite tracks are Ali Bomaye, Blood Diamonds, Name Me King and Scared Now. Don't get me wrong your whole shit bangs . Good work.
  • orie_arielleNow that's a handsome ass Nigga !!!
  • yungravoooThat's bae❤😘
  • i_gave_you_moor_power7yo Game whats up your wifey homegirl Cystal. tell her get at a ill edicated nigga ahki. and peace and blessing to strength within your upcoming marriage. proud of you asiatic Blackman. Na'am insha'Allah may GOD bless you and your family with infinite Power yo @handsomeassnigga
  • jayh0vI got those lbj's too great shoe! Just copped that Jesus Piece great work homie!!!
  • kitttenishDaddy you're too sexy
  • ___pretty_teeYes boo our color is red ❤rojo❤
  • lillyvallYou're body is so fucking sexy 😘😘😘😘😘👌❤ @thegame @thegame
  • kakes036Whoop!
  • kjmentor6Respect u man...
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