AND SO IT BEGINS! First round of tattoo removal well underway! :) #freshstart
  • thekatvondAND SO IT BEGINS! First round of tattoo removal well underway! :) #freshstart

  • invaderaudio@xmnxfcx its because people who liked watching it for the tattoos got tired of it being a drama with about seven mins of actual tattooing.
  • titobastVery difficult to remove, impossible in my opinion. Fade his face and get a cover up! :) we love you @thekatvond
  • tiffersonnShe's got the money and the skills for an easy removal and cover up, let her do what she pleases! @thekatvond
  • _kittysunshine_I was wondering about that and SO glad u were able to get a great dr that u like too!! Piss off Jesse
  • mariah_chantelI just watched that episode and was wondering what was going to happen
  • michellesarahh@bayoucitybobby are you serious?!? Now that comment is 15 weeks old, and not to be creepy but it looks like you're still with her lol?!?... Get rid of her ass if you haven't o_o
  • kaytlinnnnn_the_boss_@michellesarahh have you seen the episode where pixie (wait i think thats her name umm Kats old manager that would have half pink half black hair) got her tattoo removed?!! The doctors said it would take 72 weeks, right?!! .... I wonder how much time it would take for kat to get rid of hers
  • helena_dandreaGood for you! That guy was dumb and has no personality.
  • ashjanbaqer@dana_baqer a7777 shofi shlon y3wer lmn tshel tattoo !
  • aleh633All the negative things people have to say about @thekatvond are the exact reasons that make me love and admire her. She lives her life and doesnt give two shits what people think, plain and simple <3
  • zoomgigiHow many tattoos of your boyfriends/fiance's/husband do you have?! @thekatvond
  • random_vondWhy dont yu count em for her @zoomgigi
  • conal_closeI guess it's goodbye to rainbow dork just watched the episode
  • skylarsummer_I'm watching the episode when you got this :c
  • actual_yung_benis@applen301 no, she said she didn't want to go through anymore pain like that, because it brings back the emotional pain too. I wish her and Orbee would get back together though:/
  • nicoleashley55Amen, orbi and her made a great couple. Everyone has their differences and lifes to short. I mean I don't know the whole situation, but they had spark. Its never to late. Hope you read this kat! <3
  • brittsemotiukKat & Nikki made an adorable couple to be honest guys
  • thebrookenook@jaynateresa same!
  • keekeebizarreZ
  • animafragileafThought this was april margera... Wtf.
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