#Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fox analyst/former Rams head coach Mile Martz
  • buffalobills#Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fox analyst/former Rams head coach Mile Martz

  • houstonsibley@doyouwanttocarpool son, i would cross you sad bad you'd fall down and fake an injury bc you didn't wanna be embrassed .
  • newman_matt@tommy0mega agreed
  • blakematthew16LOL at all the haters calling fitz chubby and a bitch, the guy may not be the best passer, but he's for sure one of the toughest QBs in the league.
  • spyder007Lol true @newman_matt
  • geneseedave95% of people here need to google "you're vs your" and also to stop shit talking each other on an Instagram post. Fitz is a baller, maybe not worth >$50 million, but he's my QB.
  • shimdagreat#fitzmagic
  • andyziegSure, he's been playing alright. He will never be a franchise qb though.
  • _offsides_Ignore the haters, bills have the best RB in the league. We're putting the pieces together, our time will come! Fitzy needs to lay off the anchor bar wings! #billsmafia
  • raderi'm from pittsburgh, yep... lifelong steelers fan, but i have ALWAYS had big love for the bills. fitz is the sex. your team is incredibly loveable. this time next season i bet some of you will be regretting talking so much shit. go bills.
  • ferriswebMartz looks like Roger Ebert.
  • sciortino_rI hope #Martz also had a talk with #Gailey and explained to him how to use #Spiller!!! #Bills
  • tdarrow66Fitz will never lead the bills to a playoff run. And neither will chan gailey. Do you people not watch the games on sunday? Dude cant even throw a consistent screen pass.
  • big_scott_70His name is MIKE Martz.....not Mile. ...smh
  • tommy0mega@rader appreciate that. My roommate is a huge Steelers fan too, but he definitely roots for my Bills on Sunday. #blackandyellow #billsmafia
  • b_spar12Hopefully we can get a good draft pick for a GOOD qb....Shitspatrick needs to go, he's not the man to take us where we were, and need to be...truth hurts
  • haveasnackiLook at all the hatred on here, what a bunch of mouth breathers.
  • hogan488Bench him!! He can't hit wide open receivers running down the sidelines. Trade for Alex Smith
  • eeh6I think they will too @rader. Thanks for the support!
  • eeh6Exactly @tommy0mega @newman_matt
  • eeh6Me too @jthoma81
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