SB 46 celebration.
  • 46 celebration.

  • Well however it happened we won the Super Bowl lol, I am on this team rotting away so why would I wanna put any pics up of anything that say niners this is by far the worst year I ever had, I'll tell you like I told plenty others the I played there 7 yrs and I enjoyed every moment there, if you don't like my GIANT pic stop following me!!!!
  • urprqueen46Real rap @ibleedblue_nyg Hope to see yu with us again @speed4527!!! Bring 82 back fuck it LOL
  • ggal4eva@speed4527 YOU TELL EM!! They can SUCKIT!! #27 ( not stevie brown)...FOR LIFE!! Hurry up back BJ...we ALWAYS gonna love you and appreciate matter what!!!
  • jason_scr3mpos@speed4527 your one of the greatest that has ever played, niners are lucky to have you. And you'll always be a giant on the inside. Keep working can't wait to see you fully healed up!!!!!
  • jenna5147Gmennnn
  • pattialbericciOnce a giant always a giant
  • markpowers831Niners !!!!!!
  • v.lopez30NINERS r better u better get us a sb
  • gimbstagramGmen crush the Niners. We would take you back in a second, Harbaugh is an idiot
  • a_rizzo8@speed2727 damn these were the days. Need you back in NY to solidify this run game. How they expect u to produce in SF if you don't ever get touches?
  • applejax_10000😭😭😭😭😭
  • joecheraYou about to get cut
  • monchi_lindo#hegotaring #whogotaring??
  • cilimattStirring the syrup. #bigblue
  • fuck_ur_couch@speed2727 big bro dont pay mind 2 da stupid comments from da press or 9ners fans i feel u frustration n u have all da right 2 feel like dat....u did great thangs for NY n we neva gonna forget u ...ONCE A GIANT ALWAYS A GIANT!! #27
  • drice_314@speed2727 Was hoping the G-men would bring you back somehow this year bro. Don't listen to all the clowns out there either, Giants fans will never forget what you did for this city. Once a Giant, always a GIANT. Hope to see you back in blue soon. #bringbackjacobs #GMenNation
  • drice_314@mikej2303 Guess you gave us the game this year on a silver platter also? We STOMPED you out. #wegotaring #youdont
  • jaimeleigh20@speed2727 one of my favorite memories
  • evan_weber82_Haha the 49ers suck ass !! BIG BLUE ALL THE WAY !! @speed2727
  • davenj80That was a great moment at the stadium, I was there celebrating with you guys. @speed2727
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