• arielhelwaniHistory.

  • aaandrea_vIll knock her out @arielhelwani
  • phildo2004@vstylez I don't think she's a "1 trick pony" why walk away from something that's working for ya? If it ain't broke I wouldn't fix it lol u know? I think she's got more tricks in her arsenal
  • khurd25@iamtparet your right but the bought her old organization and she was the champion there plus the UFC didn't have a women division so they are just picking up where SF left off
  • tparet99@khurd25 true and good point I didn't look at it that way... I guess I just like the idea of the competition and giving all a fair shake. But I think her marketing potential, all hype or not, doesn't come around that often. Be well
  • vstylez@phildo2004 I hope to see more stuff in her arsenal because we haven't seen it yet arm bar everything
  • the_gallo_negro@mattfreeus remember when Chyna got beat up on "celebrity boxing?" For some reason this reminds me of that.
  • jpb1974#RondaRouseyRocks totally
  • stevekoppFuck that. You can't be a champion without a single fight. Dana just wants to fuck her.
  • tommyie4Ew
  • tommyie4Ee
  • paulieg51510@stevekopp He's not the only one.
  • mrmarcosmirandaMy question is: if she's so bad ass, when will she be fighting dudes?
  • g1zm0@arielhelwani let's be honest the only reason this is happening, is because those two are boning! The completion level of women mma is non existence and that is not a growing market at all. Just look at women boxing. It's stupid, not sexist, just stupid.
  • spaceforrestI'm a big fan of Rhonda but I think its a bit dubious to be awarded a belt without a fight...even though she's a champ in another promotion.
  • chrisxhaynesThey are DEFINITELY having sex.
  • chrisxhaynesYou do not do a 180 like that. Dana was adamantly against women MMA now he has this giddy school boy look on his face whenever he's within 100yards of her. There is no female MMa pool....she isn't going to be THAT big of a draw. Call it sexist...call it whatever....
  • anumberedcompanyThey are not having sex. Not every CEO needs to have sex with their female employees
  • chrisxhaynesDana White is not your typical CEO. He's pretty sleazy. @ihoomey not sure what you mean... It's just a buzz statement... Obviously I don't know.
  • _jefffLike Aldo and Dominick Cruz got theirs? @spaceforrest
  • spaceforrest@_jefff exactly like that. I have the same opinion for both of those belts. Even though they have both defended their title. It's like, if there is an interim title you don't just give it to the #1 contender, just like you don't give to a champ from another promotion.
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