Judy trabajando en mis rodillas. Mejorando día a día. Judy working on my knees. Getting better day by day.
  • paugasolJudy trabajando en mis rodillas. Mejorando día a día. Judy working on my knees. Getting better day by day.

  • ma.fernandezvTodo el apoyo de un humilde aficionado, eres muy grande Pau, se q no te rendirás pese a todos los rumores q se han producido desde la llegada de D'Antoni. La ÑBA es mucha ÑBA.
  • _ericfredricksonDont listen to all the rumors and talk about you Gasol. Youre one the most skilled big men to do it, someone with your mind and skill can play in any system, with any coach. You will be the player to push the lakers over the hump, into the finals. Even after this shaky start. #lakernation
  • _ericfredricksonYoure one of the best passing big men in the league too. #pointpau
  • abdullah2408the guy above me is a douche and doesnt know what hes talking about.. gtfo of here with the BS statement. clearly you dont know anything about the game of basketball
  • joyixi0327加嫂你什么时候归来。。看科比现在这样更累了,唉。。
  • zd_118we all want u back soon,love u
  • av3nbk@bigblaze310 learn basketball u fucking retard... pau gasol is our second best player... theres no two titles wout him.... he us injured wait till he comes back u lil bitch
  • vjyeeeeWe need u Pau!!!!
  • alextillackI hope you get better soon we need you!
  • mark__emarkget better pau and when you come back i'll forget what hasn't been done during the season so far.i'll hit that reset button, just go out there and play your best basketball games. @pau16gasol
  • andreselchapuQue te mejores pronto man te nesecitamos jugando.go lakers
  • sullyyyI use to work with Judy Seto. She's the best!!
  • voshus@pau16gasol what up triceps!
  • country_boyyy881how did you do that
  • luzmsosaHoy es q veo tus fotos... Espero estés mejor de tus rodilla...!
  • izapBikram yoga te puede ayudar. Get well soon
  • susanna_plujajudy trabajando en sus rodillas y en España aun hay equipos de amat
  • susanna_plujade 3ra division etc etc q nos discriminan x ser mujeres, cuanto nos queda! q envidia! Ojala algun dia pueda ver como se trabaja por alli! #FISIOTERAPIA #Ciencja
  • pilinunaQue feliz me hace ver una foto asi! Suerte en el mundial! Aquí una española (granaína) mas que os apoya! 😊😘
  • mangamail#bisturi 🚑💉🔪
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