Breakfast! We need a hot one after our furnace died on us yesterday.... Alls well that ends in french toast.
  • inthefunlaneBreakfast! We need a hot one after our furnace died on us yesterday.... Alls well that ends in french toast.

  • beckyspruitOh no! Edmo, dead furnace? Gah!
  • inthefunlane@beckyspruit you could see the fear in my eyes!!! Thankfully our Parkview HVAC guy come over on a moments noticed and saved the day. Hey is my furnace angel
  • justbellablogOmg, what terrible timing!!
  • inthefunlane@justbellablog my thoughts exactly, Sean was out of town too. These things never happen cnveniently!
  • sixblackdotsYum! Gorgeous picture!!
  • lm_4_bndang it, but french toast is awesome, hopefully you plan on butter and syrup
  • ashleynichole728What are your counter tops??
  • inthefunlane@ashleyndyas they are honed carrerra marble
  • freckleschick4I don't have a broken furnace but I'll take some of that french toast, love this shot! How come that stuff always happens when the husband's away?! Not like we can't handle it but such a nuisance!
  • reemsoodHey Holly, I am currently redoing my counter tops and we chose marble (inspired by your beautiful kitchen) Do you recommend honed? My guy says that stains and cup/plate marks show up more on honed where as the shiny marble you can just wipe off.
  • inthefunlane@freckleschic4 tell me about it!!!
  • inthefunlane@dreemn thank you so much! I have a blog post about it going up tomorrow! But in short, I was told that traditionally honed marble is best. As you will learn soon, no matter what it will etch. I don't have a lot of etching because we are very diligent about cleaning but it does happen. Because they are honed I hardly notice the etchings unless the sun hits them a certain way but if the counters were polished I would be devastated by the etchings. Talk to a few more people and do a lot of research because I am sure most will tell you honed is the safer route.
  • reemsood@inthefunlane thanks so much for all that info. I value your opinion! Everyone is trying to convince me to go the granite route, however, marble is all I can envision in my kitchen : )
  • karen_leckGreat shot!💫
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