Shawn Wayans had us cracking up this morning!
  • flyjocktomjoynerShawn Wayans had us cracking up this morning!

  • therealaquariusjook@flyjocktomjoyner proud of u
  • mrmichiganHe was too funny this morning Tom love the show.
  • msprityNot the suicidal roaches!!!
  • rairai0921So I have a question i have been trying to find your morning spew out here in Tampa FL but have been unsuccessful really mitts listening to your show could you help me out here, please...
  • 6499pacI was laughing so hard at work!
  • exquisite_esquireThat doesn't look like Shawn
  • chokolategurl@rairai0921 if you want to listen to TJMS and you have a smart phone, download the iheart radio app and you can pick a station. I listen to the one out of Macon, but there's Memphis, Dallas , plenty of choices
  • rairai0921Thank u @ chokolategurl i will look into that.
  • ghettorose3802It not that cold in Texas. Thats why he was talking about the heat
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