Kem and I this morning in the cake!
  • flyjocktomjoynerKem and I this morning in the cake!

  • thetruth5771313 Representing that money making him lighter. Lol
  • heavnly76That was a great performance this morning.
  • 6499pacTom I loved it almost rode passed my job!!! Caught up in the money! :)
  • mrjoneswifedmeThx u 4 being such an honorable person & great philanthropist @flyjocktomjoyner I saw where you paid off this student loan for this mother who was stuck with a debt after her son passed.
  • thankfull98He and his band sounded great this morning.
  • bushrodmusicGreat shot of u and Kem.. Congrats on keeping entertainment fresh and wholesome!
  • msprityDang I missed them
  • 6499pacI just purchased the CD!!
  • stylish1_Enjoyed it!
  • ycham1I enjoyed the show today
  • chokolategurlGreat show today Tom!!!!
  • chitowntamChristmas music was nice!
  • justgwen41Luv his music. C u in February
  • 6499pacTom I Love Kem he puts on a nice show!!
  • sharon522My,my,my!!!
  • dsocial1Luv Kem! Seen him twice in concert, awesome!!!
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