Brian Burke & Wendel Clark speak with a little patient and her mother at @sickkids for #operationhohoho
  • mapleleafsBrian Burke & Wendel Clark speak with a little patient and her mother at @sickkids for #operationhohoho

  • heatherluckhart@mikeg1187, really? Not the time for that comment. He is doing one good thing. Let him have it.
  • ugivmebuttrflyzAwww
  • leafsnationI like to see things like this. Burke has been a big influence since he has arrived. I don't remember JFG doing things like sleeping outside to support the homeless. God Bless ya Brian.
  • tokyodrift019Say what you will about his hockey decisions, but he is a good man. He does great things for the community and brings attention to important issues.
  • zak_perchFollow me torrysmith1000
  • eddyb1988@emk194 ya ya that's nice fire Burke and lets win a cup. If u wanna koomby-ya then go do it in Montreal
  • eddyb1988Wendell is the only real Toronto maple leaf Burke will ever lay his hands on. Kessel and phaneuf will never be true leafs in my eyes #badmoves
  • brandonthebackyardfarmer@jaysfan88 wendal is awesome but he did play for more trams then kessel and dion combined. So maybe cut them some slack and see what they cam do. Gotta love when wendal hit bruce bell behind the net years ago
  • aurelia1968A bit off topic, you thankful for people who can and will try to help those in need...
  • stukaytattoosClarke and Gilmour, what a team, awesome guys, last of a breed. The BEST!!
  • alyssamulgrewWendel Clark! Met him. Took a picture with him. He is tge best player in history. But now he is retired😪
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