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  • em.6Which makes me wonder if the single version of wildest dreams is going to be the tour version because that would be AMAZING. my friend has an absolutely amazing time at your Seattle concert which was her first concert and that makes me soooo happy. Everyone should get to experience a Taylor swift concert. I'm currently trying to get people to vote for our lip sync video and hopefully we'll place in that. It would be an amazing experience to meet you and tell you all of this in person (obviously not ALL of this because it's been like two or three years now but you understand what I mean) so YEP. I hope you have a greats summer and I hope that soon there will be a tour cd. I love you so much. Love Emma
  • em.6Still trying so hard to win the Xfinity lip sync contest. I think some of my friends are voting for me because they know how much this means to me. I want to be able to meet you and tell you how much you've changed my life and always helped me to look on the positive side and stay happy. Honestly you're such a huge inspiration to so many people and it's just amazing how far you've come and everything you've done. I hope I'll be able to tell you everything in person some day, even if it's not because of this contest I'll try not to give up. Good luck with your week in LA. You're going to be absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see all of the special guests and details. Congrats on making it so far and I wish you the best of luck ever. ( @taylornation help Taylor see these?) I love you so much. Love, Emma
  • moriahkendrickI love you Tay Tay I'll see you in ATL this weekend
  • Its not like I wanted to re comment that stuff. I'm not going to take chances of bad things happening to me. Why don't you tell the original poster to stop and none of this would happen? You really need to think before you comment.
  • heyitskayleighhh@__shhhhhh_ what???
  • reesehayden13@taylorswift happy 26th birthday your inspiring
  • _lauren.o_Happy birthday
  • c3rr3nni love you so much
  • buteramine😽Babe ily!😽
  • jackinfernandes@aki_gomes_15
  • elenaxca❤️❤️❤️
  • mohadcfarDec 5th
  • meganmichelottiSame
  • alexbswiftNervous
  • kaylee1625❤️
  • eylemoztuncI drew taylor please check please check
  • eylemoztuncI drew taylor please check out
  • survivorsforeilzabeth....
  • anna_sellers_PLEASE GO LIKE THE PUMPKIN I MADE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • memetayswiftLol 😂😂u had already opened it 😍😍😍
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