My cozy studio:)
  • leamicheleMy cozy studio:)

  • cammiefewellwow! i am so lonelyright now, skype me! TexasChiktierced
  • lemartinsbI love you
  • seleniftieSo pretty ! I want your album like right now 😉
  • marisouza99Perfect
  • cassidylnnLucky :p
  • cassidylnnLea, I don't even know we're to start! Besides your perfect. Everything about you. Your face, lips, hair, voice, body, nose, eyes. I could go on forever. You have so much talent. You have the prettiest voice I've ever heard and your acting... Wow. That's all I can say. Your just... Fantastic! At everything! I've watched your show, 'Glee' ever since the first episode and my favorite character (Rachel Berry) has never changed. I've always loved her. You have inspired me so much in my life! To do things I'd never thought I'd like, like taking dance, singing lessons, acting lessons, joining my school's spring play, the glee club at my school. I'm so happy with this and it's all because of you. And Rachel Berry has been a role model for me, to stick to what you love, no matter what anyone else thinks of you. You, Lea, and Rachel, have just made such an impact on my life. I just wanted to let you know this, you'll probably never see this, but if you do, I just want you to know I love you! And stay beautiful!! 💋
  • lucia0597I love it!! I want one of those!! 😍🎤
  • jannaarcherThis is AMAZING!!!!!!!♥
  • sherron07Is this the piano used durng Spring Awakening?
  • sannevanlierI can't wait for your album!!!! :D xx
  • msbaileymeyer@msleamichele will you ever go back to broadway? Just saw Phatom at the majestic theatre and allison who played Christine reminded me of you so much.
  • rachelokaneCan I just say, this is absolutely amazing! Love the way the front cover is off the piano #Pianistmyself
  • natebird2003Cool!
  • lyssaloo321Stay strong Ms Lea ❤
  • halsethemmaWe all are here for you ❤🌹 stay strong! @msleamichele
  • allblvckerrthingI love it, and i live being cozy.
  • mayaraflorianitão perfeito
  • bockchoy_bi love you
  • berenice_collePerfect 👌
  • wtfrennanComo se chama o nome desssas luzinhas @powerpotter ?
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