Guess who stole my @warbyparker specs this morning? #JoshDuhamel
  • emmyrossumGuess who stole my @warbyparker specs this morning? #JoshDuhamel

  • burningdesireforlanax@rc32 ikr but id rather be a freak than boring
  • rc32@emmyrossumbiggestfanalive alright, let me rephrase; get a life...
  • burningdesireforlanax@rc32 i actually already have one since am speaking to you but thanks for wasting your time to write that means a lot
  • rc32@emmyrossumbiggestfanalive based off your pathetic cry for attention from Emmy rossum and your freak photo posting, I think it's safe to say you've no life and just might be more of a freak that is also in denial. And I know it means a lot that I'm writing to you because you obviously don't have a life!
  • burningdesireforlanax@rc32 i dont want attention of her wot? Why do you care if i dont have a life or not anyway and its just like how one direction fans post pictures of one direction how come your not having a go at them so tbqh you dont know me (thank god) so bye.
  • rc32@emmyrossumbiggestfanalive because one direction is awesome and so are all the fans! Emmy rossum is a babe in my book but you're a freak fanatic on the creepy level!
  • burningdesireforlanax@rc32 so o e directioners can make fan pages but i cant? One directioners can write down what country their in threaten people they date yet i cant just write on emmys photos and post photos? Oh okay dont see why its your concern on how creepy i am thanks for caring though :)
  • rc32Hey man, let your freak flag fly! All you're doing is crying about it now. I have grown bored of your pathetic rant to justify your freakiness! So have fun being all weirdo beardo. @emmyrossumbiggestfanalive
  • burningdesireforlanax@rc32 FINALLY YOUR LEAVING :D i grown bored of you ages ago and its fab being weird you should try it your just booooooring tbqh
  • rc32@emmyrossumbiggestfanalive there's a difference between being different and interesting vs. being a creepy obsessive freak that has no life so you obsess over someone else's. Guess where you fall...?
  • burningdesireforlanax@rc32 awkward how i have loads if friends though and go to various partys so stfu bullying other people for who they are you low life and isnt it creepy how your talking to me saying i have no friends yet you dont know me oh right...
  • alajeanroseOmg @bjosic 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • bjosic@jeanrosealavata omgggg sex beast 😍😍😍😍
  • rebeca_canteroSexyyy
  • srhjne1983O wow yummy!
  • srhjne1983Yummy
  • candicejayGeeezus he's amazing
  • dean_michel_basquiatLooks like #eyed_la
  • friskyeI love Joshhh!!!!!! Ahhhh 💜💜💜💜
  • roxysrazz#yummy
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