GEICO gecko ready for A1
#motocross @cudby
  • racerxonlineGEICO gecko ready for A1
    #motocross @cudby

  • csmith031keyboard warrior is all he is @thereal338 lol you're gonna kill it this year!
  • zhowell_@ad171 I bet you feel like a bitch right bend over and suck a Dick @thereal338 is a way better rider than you anyday I bet if he offered you free shit you would take that shit immediately you're just a little pussy ass bitch wannabe internet tough guy if you saw him in real life you would probably suck his Dick so stop trying to be cool when we all know you have a bigger clit than your mom
  • thankfulmama4Great pic!!!
  • treav225Snack pack! Hahaha
  • razalnevetsI believe that's osborne hahahaha
  • razalnevetsmaybe not...
  • lockie490J-law was good but time moves on @thereal338 be one to watch this year
  • loganjames3@thereal338 I didn't think you got to run 338 this year did you end up being able to?
  • trill341@thereal338 i think zach's bad ass and I got respect for him and in my opinion hes better then j-law and tougher
  • colinccmGary the gecko!
  • akins701Jlaw should be on that bike....@racerxonline
  • nickw419Jlaw = waste of talent and money. He was a complete toolbag. Go Zach I gurantee people are gonna be goin who the hell was that one guy who used to ride 338 o wait who cares lol
  • jackwardsNot only was @thereal338 a breakout rider with incredible talent, and clear signs of becoming a big name in the sport, he's not a piece of trash who reflects negatively on the sport and its sponsors. Being a respectable representative and ambassador of the sport we all love helps grows the sport and it's funding. Some of the best Understand that, and people like J-law, regardless of skill, go away quickly. Best of luck to Zach this year, and years to come. It'll be a matter of time before he's running a red plate on his bike. ✊
  • 841kid@thereal338 is awosme he will do great he does not spend a nite in jail
  • tbrick563Hahah yea jlaw has a championship in supercross osborne doesn't have shit
  • nickw419@tbrick563 kale also has a criminal record and no ride. Way to go vagenious lol
  • nickw419Jlaw*
  • stevecausey100Jlaw the one and only!
  • la_cabra_12Wish it was jlaw
  • sloan55@hutch594 is that you???#getup
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