Tyga still claiming Compton.
  • elliottwilsonTyga still claiming Compton.

  • authentic1xJust cause he was raised outside of Compton don't mean he didn't chill or put in work there. Just a defense not defending him
  • str8razorfreshthis is rap now smh #killyourself
  • honeygripHahaaahaaaaa @kemical247 MC Gusto!!!
  • porschak420Lol he went to his grandma house on the weekends and claiming that
  • tronthadon1Lame nigga MC Gusto face ass gotdamn B Rad face ass boy..rappers so lame nowadays fuckin liars we need a new genre no c.o.s it
  • tronthadon1No co's or fake niggas allowed
  • cristoramosHe's living out his "nigga experience" Word to CeeLo and the whole Goodie Mob
  • t_teroTDE
  • bdgindustries😲cb4
  • authentic1x@soul_on_ice yea put in work. It's pos to get money o.t. Lol besides, being "street" ain't do shit for anyone since game..Ross a c.o. And he a multi millionaire lol
  • jackspade212Malibus most wanted
  • mr_bonyLame
  • legendofsquantoFake ass nigga
  • topbananas48I donre where
  • topbananas48I don't care where he is from I still view him the same way. Not for me but you can't knock the hustle. Sad he felt the need to clarify where he's from. Mean mugging in a photo wearing a Compton shirt. That looks like desperation. Dude had a strong fanbase, the people buying his music dgaf about where he's from
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