#CommanderInChief @kellymonaco1
  • iamvalc#CommanderInChief @kellymonaco1

  • laceykwrigleyNever saw two people so perfect together in my life #vally
  • aliyasatAgreed @laceykennedyy
  • sgivlerAgree with @laceykennedyy
  • laceykwrigley@allyasat @sgiver. they chemistry is the kind that comes only once in a lifetime
  • sgivler@laceykennedyy I KNOW
  • emesser05Yeah I was embarrassed for her "boyfriend" sitting right there in the audience!
  • srohloffI love the way he looks at her... You can totally tell he's head over heels!!! Love them...
  • rapson069Love me @kellymonaco1 my idol beautiful
  • rapson069My future wife
  • rapson069@emesser05 heath and kelly look more like brother and sister
  • emesser05Look at People's oct. 17 article about kelly and Val. Her bf is Heath freeman. Unless its changed since then
  • _cheladkins_@emesser05 But a lot has changed since then. We don't know if they are still together (which I highly doubt they still are) and we don't know if Val and Kelly are together. Only time will tell:)
  • laceykwrigley@chelchel92 i agree. they never even came out and said they were boyfriend and girlfriend. shes always said they were friends and that shes single. and now shes all lovey over val. if u watch the interview val just had on good day ny u will see how smiley and glowing he is when asked about him and kelly. and that they are missing eachother . and he was just with her 2 days ago
  • _cheladkins_@laceykennedyy They've gotten really close recently:) So who knows what's going on. Unless they say something, people are going to continue to speculate. :) I wouldn't mind them being together. I love Vally. Lol:)
  • emesser05I hope they do end up together
  • laceykwrigleyTheyre so god damn cute !! Did yall see how he said they missed eachother on gdny today? And they were only together 2days ago. Totally smitten
  • kathyalbergoOn Marie Osmond show early OCt she Never mentioned Heath when Marie asked if she was dating. Val's breakin down the walls. So damn cute together
  • lexie.dixonR u guys dating?
  • staci3478Are you saying she is dating @iamvalc
  • headache4901@staci3478 I sure hope so🙏
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