Drumroll please... Here are #theVoice Top 4! Congrats guys :)
  • christinamilianDrumroll please... Here are #theVoice Top 4! Congrats guys :)

  • tommiforbes@eston_h @maillisa . Amanda who? It's all about Trevin.
  • natashashonugaTREVIN AND NIC!!!  TEAM CEE LO!!!
  • alexandra_damettoI'm sooo happy Melanie went home!!!! Never liked her . I'm routine for terry and Trevor. Why America why? Why did u send home Amanda?
  • hayleypliskaWhy Nick??? Amanda is 1million times better!!!!
  • smileyevy24Nick is unique, and had a great voice. Amanda has a great voice, but she sounds like to many singers that are already out there.
  • mach_migSweet legs
  • gaebschWhy did they send Amanda home? She was the best girl on this competition?
  • lilthomdarkknightmonMany others should've gone home long b4 Amanda!
  • lilthomdarkknightmonI think I'll jus watch cuz C-Mil is there now. Heeee-hee
  • faithmarrionMy fav 4 I love love love dem Nicholas is a legend bringing something new other than a perfect voice
  • faithmarrionTerri is awesome plus his accent I love love love him
  • faithmarrionPope is I really don't care a heartthrob though
  • faithmarrionTrevino the king the voice the voice voice voice
  • hayleypliskaNick is not unique he should have gone home a longgg time ago. Trevin and
  • hayleypliskaPope should win now. Not the other 2
  • mermaid_eugeniaLove it
  • yarias2011@airickah I got that, but this a competition for the Voice, Amanda has way more voice that that girl will ever have.... Which sucks, so your right there.
  • sarah_gartenGO CASSADEE LOVE YOU @cassadeepopemusic
  • michaelmdhSpoiler
  • hvisualcNick IS THE VOICE! God-Given talent and last time I checked...unique is when there is NOBODY like them...and there's nobody like Nick. Amanda Brown was also unique. I'm tired of the teenie bopper music...I want some meat and potatoes and a Nicholas Christmas CD...PLEASE!!!
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