On Court // @RussWest44 in the @Jumpman23 #XX8. Shrouded up.
  • solecollectorOn Court // @RussWest44 in the @Jumpman23 #XX8. Shrouded up.

  • pjmwansaMuch better on foot.
  • ibijohnC forcé!
  • gxmoney@mrgametime sick. Must kop fo sho
  • ozi101410This are for ballers! Not "fashionistas" .., basketball shoes! Get it, got it?!... GOOD!
  • siregramsBoxing shoe!!
  • pharoah_gamaPretty sure Wilt averaged 50 in some pf flyers or cons, Mike avg 30 a game in 1's..relax with the "these are for function nonsense" its complete bullshit and a cop out explanation for why these shoes are so hideous
  • weirdberto@bcox187
  • king_mba1@colepeterson13 apparently you aren't a true sneaker head. The original concept behind Js were to be good 4 on court, but stylish 4 off court! So you STFU. &explain to me why the hell would the Concorde need patent leather on court? Your another nerd hype beast fan! Go read DIARY OF A WIMPY KID...WIMP
  • who_is_cole_p@mr_mba smh your so ignorant..
  • nystuna44Wack
  • k.branning@mr_mba apparently your not a "true sneaker head" either lol. They used patent leather because it provides more durability around to toes than leather does.
  • nickbaio@_2legit_2quit it is strictly a performance shoe not a casual shoe hey it may be ugly but it is NOT for casual wear so everyone needs to quir complaing cause half of you dont even play the damn game
  • m.j31I do and I play aau basketball I'm a top 100 12yr in a state so shut @n1ckba10
  • nickbaio@_2legit_2quit Thank god im not the only one who plays aau either but serious I thinks its gonna only be a performance shoe
  • king_mba1@kahlen20 more durability around the toes?? The patent leather wrapped around the entire shoe. I peeped your IG PAGE u play flag football... I have no respect for your input... MAN UP
  • ur_a_fag17Hilarious shoes >_<
  • sharxfish@true_10 lil twerp.
  • k.branning@mr_mba man you are so fucking dumb and uneducated. You cant even tell the difference between football and flag football... And yes for your dumbass patent leather is more durable for tearing than leather is. I literally feel bad for how stupid you come off as. Have some respect for youself you piece of shit.
  • carlosfaz1that pretty model Jordan tennis since that mldelo not come here in Mexico
  • classic89accordThey don't look TO bad
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