Me and lil Wayne
  • ryanlochteMe and lil Wayne

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  • cupcakesup1134That looks like hott
  • thats_what_chell_saidFake glasses cuz hes not lookin the same direction as u.stupid
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  • red.hairSo Ryan I know that you probably won't see this but I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me... I watch your races over and over again. I started swimming two years ago in sixth grade and you have always been my role model. I wanted to tell you that the prealgebra teacher for the gifted sixth graders at my school is Paula Janan, the girl you went to prom with. She was going to be the boys swim coach this year for fletcher middle school, but then decided not to. But she told me that she would try to get you to come and talk to us. This got me so excited I wanted to cry. But noe that she isn't the coach I don't think that she will try to get you. So I will try. Ryan at least think about it You are a huge inspiration to my swim career, and I know you would be a great inspiration to the new swimmers. Please Ryan, if you see this, please at least consider it. Could you imagine: Ryan lochte coaching the fletcher middle school swimmers. Please, I can't even describe how fulfilled life would be to even meet you :) thank you for being the person you are!! You are the biggest role model I have!
  • red.hairBy the way my name is Sara Hernandez... probably should have said that first.
  • I feel like this is you
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  • allebostonDear Ryan Lochte, independent of you being robbed or not, it's clear that it did not happened at the gas station! The right thing to do would be for you to apologise to the workers that had to put up with 4 drunk guys acting like idiots in the middle of their underpaid night shift, to the cariocas because they have enough robberies to worry about and finally to all Brazilians that felt embarrassed and sad by the news of You being held at gun point. I hope you will remember this for the rest of you life and NEVER lie again 😜 ridiculous 😜 Nice away to represent USA 😜
  • giulia__dellaeraDo You lie a little or a lochte?
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