My #SNAPchallenge food for the week
  • corybookerMy #SNAPchallenge food for the week

  • jaylambBe strong!!!
  • dmbj2012Good luck with that.
  • tamelizI hope that this opens a lot of eyes!
  • nevisian_galThis is so interesting to me. You can do it.
  • stacymoskusIm curious about your meals for the week.
  • suhaylah1970Sweet potatoes are healthier than regular potatoes try glazed carrots
  • the_sprawlThank you for doing this Cory booker. The dialogue this is creating is just what America needs to move forward with food assistance plans.
  • suthrncanMayor Booker, what you are doing is amazing. I think that looks like a respectable and nutritious spread. Maybe buying dried beans and cooking larger batches for the week will help you squeeze some coffee into your budget. :-)
  • ausuamThat olive oil must've taken a good chunk out of the budget.
  • _kristinadeniseWait, there's no meat! Wow, u can't get any meat on assistance
  • soyyoandrewMayor Booker you are awesome! Fuerza!
  • nadir_omowaleI see the problem, Mayor. You're eating too healthy. If you ate more junk food, you would get more calories.
  • sugarjonescollectionThis experiment says one thing.. You can't feed your family healthy on Food Stamps.. You're one man.. It would never work with kids...
  • patrickinchicagoI commend you for doing this. Very inspiring.
  • lisarand98Thanks for leading by example. I use SNAP and I commend you for trying to live on it. I am single, with NO children and I find it difficult.
  • fidowilltravelahh... dried beans instead of canned and heads of lettuce instead of bagged, would have saved you some $
  • _bimbosmokethatshitTruu
  • davidbarrylewisLove the work you're doing
  • prettismilesPlease fill me in on this SNAP challenge. I just started following you and need to get on the loop with this diet. Lol!
  • plantbasedburnerCook your own beans and stop with the processed foods ;) you can always trust a vegan :)
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