Not a bad view to wake up to
  • ashleyspiveyNot a bad view to wake up to

  • shortykcanWhere are ya?! @ashleyspivey
  • marleyring@klc9523 I believe she's in Maui.. She mentioned it in an earlier pic
  • tres_ochoMake sure you do the road to Hana!
  • valweismanI didn't like road to Hana - scary, car sick, took hours and hours. Plenty of other stuff to do :/ (only my opinion)
  • shortykcanOh that's right! Thanks @marleyring have a blast @ashleyspivey I love Maui!!
  • creaghThat's probably Upcountry somewhere, maybe Kula. You can see the West Maui Mountains in the background.
  • whitneyfreaneyIf you get a chance, go watch the sunrise at the Haleakala Crater! It's one of the most breath taking views in the world 🌄
  • micheleburke84I second that! Haleakala Sunrise is one of the most breathtaking views! You have to wake up super early but soo worth the experience!
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