Birthday Boy! #lafamilia #clique
  • badgalririBirthday Boy! #lafamilia #clique

  • othercoffeeguy@phyadz 🙌
  • phyadzRoc🙌nation
  • jalencruz_Fuck Illuminati, Fuck Secret Society. They Can All Suck A Dick & Burn In Hell For All Eternity. God Is My Savior & He Has Always Been Their For Me. Satan Ain't Shit But A Ugly Bitch. Jesus Will Return Real Soon & Your Judgement Will Be Set. Have Fun On This Earth Rihanna Because In A Couple Years You, Illuminati & Jay Z Will All Meet Death & Beg & Plead For Jesus To Set You Free. #TeamJesus
  • c0cainejane💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
  • c0cainejane😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • hugodoesit@jalen_jay15 you was cussing ("Swearing" how the bible says it] soo many times, judging em on info you Dont even have fully or Any correct facts on, then saying #TeamJesus .. Smh You shouldn't even be speaking for your religion, b/c you're makin em look & sound Terrible bruh lol smhhhhh
  • jalencruz_@hugodoesit lol umm bro. That was something I got from a you tube page in the comment box on a jay z video??
  • jalencruz_@hugodoesit & I only wrote team Jesus that's all. . . I didn't write that myself.
  • trvpmericaaJay z is Satan. He made beyonce, rihanna, willow smith and God knows who else in the illumanti
  • zkickz#factoryfresh
  • rcelakeFake fake fake
  • billzfromdabush🙌
  • royalty014Salute
  • sibc3King
  • vetikkeheltegtWe GO run this town to night @badgalriri !
  • delectbayGOD MC
  • sametkeskin7We gon' run this town :-)
  • ma.i.bLife's a game, but it's no fair, I break the rules so I don't care, so I keep doin' my own thing, walkin' tall against the rain... @badgalriri
  • rk.6.17Love this song !!!!!💯
  • tj_moore_jrIlluminati
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