New dual TimeZone duometre from @jaegerlecoultre.
  • hodinkeeNew dual TimeZone duometre from @jaegerlecoultre.

  • mortenlindeBeautiful dial design
  • mikey_mike01@imreallymichael this watch is bananas!! 🐵🐒
  • chstoft@shstoft
  • d_ecoffLoving the shirt and tweet jacket combo
  • martinezsebaWhat a watch!
  • martinezseba@nevermindmymind Christmas
  • d_ecoff@netttaa_ Christmas gift for me?
  • tomasberdych@miguelseabra i like this one the most!!!
  • mortenlindeI love this dial design so elegant
  • miguelseabraWell, you'll have to wait or go soon to Paris, @tomasberdych; the white gold edition they unveiled to us in Paris is exclusive of the brand's Place Vendôme Boutique... but to be honest, I think this one might be one of those rare cases where I'd rather have it in red gold than in white, @mortenlinde. The red gold Duomètre Unique Travel Time model should be issued in the regular collection next year. Still, designwise my favorite Duomètre is the À Quantième Lunaire.
  • miguelseabraHey, Ben @hodinkee... did you realise you have Mr Hodinky (that's @tomasberdych) commenting for @Hodinkee?
  • miguelseabraAlso, @tomasberdych: check the Lange & Soehne in one of my latest wristshots here on Instagram
  • tomasberdych@miguelseabra well it is "hard" to choose from those two bad i think is good to have this kind of problem😜 so the white gold will be very rare i belive and good for colectors right? Rose gold for the "rest" of the world right?😊
  • miguelseabraright, @tomasberdych; still, and even though I prefer 'white' metals (platinum, white gold, steel) than the 'golden' look, when I had the Duomètre Travel Time on my wrist I felt it would look bether in red gold because of the better contrast between the case and dial... the Duomètre is a collection that looks stunning in red gold; but the limited editions in white gold and black dial are fabulous as well
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