Ready for a 70s style housewarming tonight. Retrolicious.
  • shaunareidReady for a 70s style housewarming tonight. Retrolicious.

  • shaunareidThere will also be vol-au-vents!
    So fab to have 70s theme party for a 70s-built house. Wish I'd thought of that for my 70s house. Can you still warm a house if you've lived there for 3 years?
  • allycatsUpside down pineapple cake!
  • allycatsAwesome
  • maryalicemeandteaLove pineapple upside down cake!
  • maryalicemeandteaAnd yes.
  • thesusanitoFun! And yum!
  • thesusanitoI've never actually eaten one of those.
  • shaunareid@foodiemcbody Ooh it's a goodun. This recipe is actually from a mid-80s Weight Watchers cookbook! Except I double the amount of caramel on the base ;)
  • bellelex1Mmmmm! Reminds me of that WW recipe I have for sticky toffee pudding. I need to try that sooooon!
  • kerryn_wYummo! I have a similar recipe in an old Women's Weekly cookbook. Divine.
  • chimes67Love it! Where's my fondue kit ..?
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