THANK YOU to everyone who donated food in NYC to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy!!
  • 30secondstomarsTHANK YOU to everyone who donated food in NYC to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy!!

  • marlenewian😘😍
  • drgordisGlad we made our effort to help them out
  • refinnejclineAww That's so good!! You look cute in your hat btw :)
  • iwona2348wait Jared just happend to be there it was Alicas doing she called the Doc Ny director she asked for the help and she was standing in a snow !!Alicia did all the hard work the woman that has no selfish bone in her body!!!
  • nihsllOh my boy!!! <3
  • albanenatLe bon samaritain !!! 👏
  • heyimgabbieYou're so perfect!!!
  • jeansparade💘
  • tongandthecatsYou so hot Jared 😱😘
  • mariajechelon:)
  • beshoangelCUTE hat!! What ever its called :p its pretty :D
  • suaverarezaIt's nice know that there are good people... I hope everyone find some of them in their lifes... ; )
  • carool_moura_Sooo cute 
  • lady_sunkissI'm DJing 11/15 at Open House 244 E. Houston St, helping the effort to restore NYC. I've got my liquid d&b tunes ready, along with cans of food, clothes, support and hugs. #drumandbassnyc
  • andrearae13two things keeping us going here on Staten Island: music and the help from everyone.... thanks! 😌
  • erikapradocolorado@30secondstomars I love you guys!!
  • juniohphPRFT
  • innasnOu..according to the picture the new album is finished))) when should we wait for your show in Poland or Lithuania?)))) p.s pardon for a spelling (c) grammarnazi)))))
  • moia_prelestIn Russian style!😂🇷🇺
  • aliciaoraliI'm just reading this now. @johnarvelo @vile_disgusting the reason why I held the food drive in NYC because I live in NJ close to NYC. I did what I could in a very short period of time & my charity Echelon Donates did host a fundraiser to help internationally along with rebuilding the destroyed beaches of both NY & NJ. We did all of this with my car & home damaged from Sandy. We can't always wait for others to come & help. If you're capable to help, even if you too are suffering, there are others who are suffering more. Get together & overcome. One person CAN make a change.
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