She's got this trio under control! #dwts #allstars #trio #TeamShawn
@derekhough @markballas
  • dancingabcShe's got this trio under control! #dwts #allstars #trio #TeamShawn
    @derekhough @markballas

  • barbiegolfer1I'll be seeing you all Tuesday!
  • kimitheeWas I the only one who noticed Shawn being a little cold w/Mark?! She seemed to be kinda pissed w/the fact that Derek couldn't dance. Mark tried to grab her hand& she moved it away really fast & gave him the cold shoulder during rehearsals. Idm
  • kimitheeIdk* she just seemed a little bit bitchy towards Mark!:/
  • dilgx@lil_kimmbo I see what you mean, but I know she's really good friends with both, I just think she wanted to make sure that the viewers didn't think that she perferred to be with Mark and that she was glad Derek was injured. It's seems like a pretty tough situation for her because she loves them both equally and doesn't want it to seem on TV thats she prefers to dance with one :)
  • kimithee@itsme_dilasha thanks for clarifying, makes since:) either way her performance was great, Mark& Shawn did a great job, and I guess thats what really counts right!
  • pinkmarshmellowsI ❤ all three of them
  • dilgx@lil_kimmbo yeah that's true, they were amazing and this week's it's trios! :D
  • kimithee@itsme_dilasha yes! I can't wait. Trios r always really cool, and they've been posting funny pics of who's working together haha. It's already set to record on my DVR:)
  • oscarworthee@dwtsofficial Another Good one! This team and Emmitt team the highest scores of the night
  • dilgx@lil_kimmbo haha yeah it will be a good one this week! I hope #teamshawn does well... Love them three😊
  • kimithee@itsme_dilasha haha hopefully they do #10FromLen I love #MarkBallas
  • layracabralKill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #teamshawn
  • carriebehrYou trio dance was AFREAKINGMAZING!! Loved it!
  • elainebrierley1The best dance I have ever seen on DWTS. It was innovative & new.
  • sidneyb64Ooooooo ya best group my favorite :-)
  • jayne0286Love love love!! Good luck hope you win it!!!
  • gabbyvassalottiOh yeah Shawn the best star and the 2 best pros by her side
  • kaylakaylorLove ya
  • ellag543Shawn is a champion even though she didn't win!
  • destarberryi like how Mark's wearing the Team Shark shirt from season 8
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