Gorgeous @karliekloss @victoriasecret. ML
  • marinalarroudeGorgeous @karliekloss @victoriasecret. ML

  • diayala335Love the outfit! :)
  • funggarwing@manfred damn hottttt!!
  • saintveron@sarah_vera amazzinggh
  • manfred@funggarwing 正啊 美好早餐
  • bradburylewisThis I Love!!
  • _printscharmingU were my favorite model :(
  • nathancahir@shesawanderer
  • foodexcursionista@leciamichelle look at Karlie with Curves so hot
  • meekskimahkiTerrible, thats so RACIST!
  • sariel13This is disgusting - native women get raped at 3x the national average and you think sexualizing them is ok? Not to mention that headdresses as sacred and that there's a ton of history and belief being mocked here.
  • beyondbuckskinThis is a disgusting and disrespectful misrepresentation of the sacred and important Plains Indian headdress. This type of racism should neither be applauded nor tolerated. Victoria's Secret needs to address this mistake promptly.
  • meekskimahkitake this pic down please
  • singlemamihoodThis is so so so disrespectful and disRespectful. Take this down apoligize, and educate your your corporation on the First nations of this country. Plins Indian Headdresses are sacred and shiuld never be worn as a token of sexuality or as a 'costume'. Natives are not a costume, we are still here! Address this ASAP!
  • indigeniaColossal #fail, Victoria's Secret. Ugh.
  • wapazoIs that another ignorant, uneducated, cheeky model in a headress or are you just happy to see me?
  • sherisse_smWhen will corporations understand how racist these culturally symbolic items are when they are worn by a naked, 90pound, white model???? Don't do it, don't be racist, learn this stuff! Apologize for being offensive, then take the pictures down.
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