HMV signing today! I bought a real life Aston doll!! Marv x
  • jlsofficialHMV signing today! I bought a real life Aston doll!! Marv x

  • katieemckenzieeAwwww LOVE YOU ASTON!!!!!!
  • katieemckenzieeXoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  • chastonian13Ooooh I want one!!! ☺
  • sonnybaker_Hi jls
  • lafautedyaliWhere can i order one merrygold ??? Haha
  • emmarose4_Hahaha awwww urm where can I buy one :) PWEASEEEE hahahah :) aww you guys are too funny :) #JLSBanter
  • e.litaNah you boys give me serious jokes 😭
  • chloegreeningthis is the cutest thing ever!
  • morgan_merrygoldI'll have one of those merrygolds
  • julia_jodieAwh Marv thanks you know my address
  • laaaauryn_I was there;D
  • laurenstedman_xBrotherly love #awww
  • charlotte_mentz_xOomgg pmsl this is so funny haha aww Astons so small and adorable if he's that small maybe I could steal him and put him in a casual suitcase and we could live together forever:D I have an idea now...... But I gotta say you guys are so cute and fun and FIT and funny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlove you all so much!
  • xxketchupswaaggxxI was there <3 ...n I want one loool!!!!! @jlsofficial
  • kiaragallowayxI'd buy aston any day:) ha ha lol got that pic as ma screensaver love ya all xxxxx XD
  • laura_thompsonnLol aston looks deffo like a kiddie there acts like one too xxxx
  • hannah_kernotHahahahahahah
  • ciaraamos@jlsofficial Please follow me, I love you guys so much I've been there throughout the whole journey all the days and counting from your audition on 9/6/08 to today 26/02/13! I love you aston so much I've tweeted you so many times but you never seem to notice me😔 but hopefully you will today and if you do please please please follow me I love you all your all inspirations😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😄❤💙❤💙❤💙💙❤💙
  • missdynamicxpoor Aston lol
  • xxketchupswaaggxxOh dear lol
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