"The joy  when freedom prevails" (unfinished)
  • helengreeen"The joy when freedom prevails" (unfinished)

  • camilabdinizU inspired me so much! I love everything you do! Can you see my draw? Thanks!
  • fefex_win#beautiful gostei de mais / liked very much
  • reneepadellYou're welcome!!!!!!!!! You're an inspiration to meee!!!!
  • sullivanphotoAh absolutely LOVE that you are drawing this one! I died when I saw her pic, she's so freakin adorable
  • dann_sorezI wanna tattoo of this hehe ... Call me crazy but I really want a Gaga tattoo, by @helengreeen :D Yeahhhhh!!!!!!
  • sttelbach@helengreeen are you in Brazil too?
  • jjannniiiOH. MY. GOD *__________* This is like the best EVER <3 @helengreeen
  • clockworkquirkYour welcome you inspire me and others sooo much :)
  • natterz89Looking forward to seeing the finished piece! I didnt "die" when i saw the photo thats so extreme but she is wonderful x
  • elmoembouGaga's so sweet
  • maryjanegabyWant to do this one too!! :D it's so beautiful
  • callmerafaaB-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ♥
  • yanochka_1342This is so beautiful*_* i love it sooooooo much<3
  • sarahuniicorn@helengreeen I Love all your pictures you deserv it to Be in the HAUS OF GAGA <3
  • christina__angstThis is FLAWLESS!!!!!! I hope one day I will draw as good as you!!!
  • shahar9898On of your best Helen!I'm a fan!!!please please please take a look at my drawings and tell me what you think?
  • shahar9898It will mean a lot!!!!!!!
  • lorenabalena@helengreeen wow! You are a really talented young girl! Uhm.. What do youuse for doing these black lines? Please answer i'm getting crazy! ❤
  • _hannmaeOh my god this is so good! Please draw me!!
  • amysheepherd@helengreeen how do you draw her mouth? I've tried so many times and I just can't get it right:( in all seriousness, would you please please please do a tutorial? Love you♥
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