Safe and sound from the storm. | photo: Dru #sntrl #tihwl #r34 #r35 #frankenstorm
  • sntrlSafe and sound from the storm. | photo: Dru #sntrl #tihwl #r34 #r35 #frankenstorm

  • justin82134 on CCW's 😍
  • elxtoroHow do I get an r34 as a track car?!?!??!!! Some people tell me I can do it and some say I can't!!!
  • j0e_messina@elxtoro just buy a r34.. Some you can't register so they are sold to be used as a track car
  • elxtoroI found some for under 10k that need work in Japan and Australia but they won't allow an import is what I'm told @bossmessina
  • j0e_messina@elxtoro look up car importers, Craigslist, skyline forums there's 4 within 30 mines of me 1 is not street legal (another 4000 and it could be)
  • elxtoroYea thanks man! I'm looking to build an r33-34 drift car as part of my auto tech class so ill check that out @bossmessina
  • j0e_messina@elxtoro no prob good luck! Look for a r32 with a rb25 cheaper and just as good
  • elxtoroThanks man, yea my friend imports engines and transmissions so I'm looking at an rb26 for it!
  • elxtoro@bossmessina ^
  • static_kev@b1gyd
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