My dad I can't take nowhere!is always a pain in the ass to my mom😂she pays him no mind😎lmao I love my cool ass parents .
  • therealswizzzMy dad I can't take nowhere!is always a pain in the ass to my mom😂she pays him no mind😎lmao I love my cool ass parents .

  • vvs1shineAkadiva1908 if you know all blacks come in different shades then why would you ask a ignorant ass question like that ? Trying to be funny? I got all "up in arms" because I'm tired of ignorant ass niggas like yourself ! That's why! Niggas like you are the reason these republicans think we are all ignorant. They associate Obama with every dumb ignorant nigga like you and that's why they don't respect him. Being ignorant isn't funny or cute. You're only clowning your damn self looking dumb
  • lysprttytanya@akie822 your British. That explains your confusion. Your brainwashed. You don't even know that your of African decent. There's no hope for you.
  • juiciifruit_reneebabiiLol stop
  • vvs1shineAkie822 I'm American. Not African American. I have a white friend who is African American. She and her parents were born in South Africa and moved here when she was 12. She's now an American citizen therefore making her African American. 2nd when I call someone a nigga I mean it. There's a difference between black people and niggas. Niggas need to be called out and that's what I did.
  • sosonozukaU got them cooooolest Patents and the wolrds best wife !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greets from Germany 🇩🇪 @therealswizzz
  • akadiva1908@premiumgas let me tell you something I really don't give a damn how you feel about me. You don't know me!! But I will tell you one damn thing, I am a educated African American, I know this shit. I wasn't even speaking to you and if i was, i say your name. So take your little comment and give it to someone who cares. You are not dealing with most Americans here. So I suggest you take me out of the equation and speak to someone who cares.
  • akadiva1908Oh the one above talking trash has a picture of herself smoking weed!!! Real classy!!! Now if you want to talk about black shit lets do it!!
  • akadiva1908Thanks @akie822 ...she just don't know that this lady here has 4 degrees and ones in history. So don't go there. And I have a parent who a known collegiate professor. So I don't let small minded people like that crowd my mind. Hell if you read what we said, it was all in fun!!
  • akadiva1908Sorry who is a known*---I got excited!! Lol
  • prissygirlgossipYou must have been adopted because neither of your parents have that long hump bump on the noise or receding hair line. They look nothing like you. Your brother look like your parent actually had him. Anywho is not about who had you but more about who raised you.
  • vvs1shineA nigger is ignorant. Like you mr British nigga and the STNA who thinks she has degrees lol
  • akadiva1908After this I am done but the bitch who is talking about nigger and who is sadly missed informed wish she had a half of degree.
  • pb_jellyLmaoooo damn @prissygirlflow
  • itscatrenanotkatrinaI agree with everything @premiumgas has said!
  • therealgrandsongramWtf that gotta do wit the pic
  • ms__marthaaOh for some reason I thought Swizz beats was Asian.
  • herk_25His mom is Puerto Rican and he probably got the color from either or that's the great thing about use we come in many different ways
  • xo_kareenGod has bless u with good parents enjoy them🙏🙏🙏
  • ellejones86You lot are dumb i swear what has where he's from or his appearance got to do with the bloody picture?
  • melaninmunreaux@sxdot @prettygyrlwa AGREED!
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