Big O & I in 2004 when I predicted that he would be the first black President. The 2nd time around feels even better. Let's do the bus stop LOL
  • diddyBig O & I in 2004 when I predicted that he would be the first black President. The 2nd time around feels even better. Let's do the bus stop LOL

  • sirjonjonrhodes" all the things that happen to other black people" 1 I'm concerned about America not a specific race. Unlike you I don't see color. People need to help themselves and stop relying on the government. It's pathetic you even think this way. Your what's wrong with America. @lovekdubble
  • sirjonjonrhodes@ace5thwebb Go be poor
  • sirjonjonrhodesOh you so smart @strengthmagnified must be one of those educated folks!
  • sirjonjonrhodes@ace5thwebb so why are you tryna clown
  • sirjonjonrhodesAgain your just plain ignorant @lovekdubble I work. Don't blame me for something that happen 100s of years ago I had nothing to do with that so you have no point. I work hard so don't try to play me. And you and people like you need to help yourself and stop taking hand outs. It is a shame that uou don't even know that your not supposed to take hand outs. Your supposed to work hard like my grandfather, my dad, me and not take from the government. Everyone can do it, yes black people too. Just look at the man whose feed we are discussing on he did it. Your pathetic @lovekdubble
  • sirjonjonrhodesPreaching to the choir @lovekdubble
  • sirjonjonrhodesWell way to look dumb. I never said anything about any particular race. But your girl @lovekdubble kept bringing race into it. I was just showing how she was being racist. Never said all black people don't work nor did I say all black ppl are on welfare. So way to get emotional and racist. Your pathetic for getting in an argument you knew nothing about now that's ignorance at its finest! @luvnitboo
  • sirjonjonrhodesHahahahaha whatever @luvnitboo
  • trillxmarcus_@iamdiddy do it to the front ; do it to the back ; front back left right bus stop lmfaoooo
  • amy_ondrayuhThe first half black president. Lets not get crazy.
  • xbadcompanyxx#ndaa
  • amy_ondrayuh@_upper_echelon_ he's white
  • thetruthmanDiddy did you know that Barack was not the first Black President,the first Black President was name John Hanson
  • thetruthmanAnd if you look on a two dollar bill you will see him on the back of it
  • happy_meow86@amyryan1019 actually his father is black like Halle Berry n mariah Carey as well n science says the father determine the race of the child so he is black :)#biohealthmajor
  • que_theinvestorAren't we all the same the blood in side of me it's inside of you
  • dwaner24@mzmena86 - he is bi-racial. That's the most accurate. He identifies as black. The race of the father or the mother has nothing to do with it.
  • happy_meow86@dwaner24 well science says your fathers race determine your race I don't care wat race he is but truth is truth ;)
  • dwaner24@mzmena86 - no it doesn't. Race is socially constructed.
  • kingjemzsmgLook how young Obama look
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