A little gift to myself 👀 😇
  • malinagalabovaA little gift to myself 👀 😇

  • lizavetamaiWhy I recognize thar bathroom ;) nice gift, you love it??
  • malinagalabova@lizaa_babyy haha the memories in this bathroom! Ahhh😎 and yes I love it! You should get one and we can FaceTime 😁
  • lizavetamaiI'd love to see your pretty face more often  . Did you see the mini one? Did you not like it as much? I kinda wanted to look into that one.
  • malinagalabova@lizaa_babyy well I already have an iPhone so it seemed silly to me to get the mini. I definitely prefer the regular sized one!
  • lizavetamaimmm good to know. I need to get an Iphone..my phone is toast 
  • malinagalabova@lizaa_babyy yes!!! Get one already 😁
  • lizavetamai 
  • diannabellerose😀😀
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