So it wasn't just a dream! #morning #obama2012 #chicagotribune
  • pauloctaviousSo it wasn't just a dream! #morning #obama2012 #chicagotribune

  • orkxtoneyou can't blame obama for the problems that bush started. that's like blaming a firefighters. for
  • liladri_90@m_rae13 i never said you were stupid but if it was some one else not Obama the country would be in the same situation or worse.. We have a lot to recover from (not saying Bush is to blame for it all) but it takes more then four years to see change in our country just like anything else in this world..
  • mchan4bPeople really need yo learn about history :s Obama :)
  • youssefsarhan@spacetangerine @pauloctavious oh I know, but I'm curious to know of there's a particular name for that format of print. For example, The Guardian over in England uses a 'Berliner' style format.
  • lenoxreignDislike
  • monsoon11Congrats to Barack Obama :-)
  • jaconbitsJist think whatevre he does from here on out no impeachment! Hes hollywood
  • robin_qxxeen_mee_duhhI know that's right my homie got put right back in that chair!!!!!!!!!!!
  • joxermomHaha. Yay " binders of women " ! Gobama !
  • chriswarephotographyGreat
  • 96sergioYeah Men
  • yanire_b_❤❤❤👏
  • petragram🇩🇪 for Obama 👍
  • valarosofire21Barack obama gave a hella of a ass spanking to romney's ass Obama 303 Romney 206
  • akeladramseDamn Obama that bastard needs to go to hell and fucking die there!!
  • kategrowyeaahhh!
  • kategrowLOVE our renewed President and ALL he stands for! Go Obama.
  • jelmersThis photo was on CBS This Mornings instagram feature. Did you see?
  • 144shythere are so many haters I feel sorry for you
  • pauloctavious@redwingheritage
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