So it MUST be true! 🇺🇸😏
  • kevinmchaleSo it MUST be true! 🇺🇸😏

  • jimthoWuuuuu
  • _whos_your_maddyThis country is doomed.
  • wellnevermindYayyyyy!! Im so happy 😭#TeamObama
  • haleighmarielOmg this country is doomed!!
  • missychola101To all those Obama haters get OFF INSTAGRAM NOWWWW!!!
  • cokeslappYes! @haleigh_95 we are all going to go broke and turn into like Russia with everyone on the streets other than the extremely wealthy!
  • vicky__lynchYeahh
  • nicolalinesHow is the country doomed @haleigh_95 ??
  • shainanicLol people saying we are doomed. Do your research.
  • littlemagenta4711Haha I laughed so hard when Fox News announced it. I was like "That's it! Now it's really real!" And oh man, their faces...
  • emgithensWell.. I guess we'll see what comes after trillion.
  • emgithensDon't assume we're "listening to our parents" I'm 18, and did my research, was current with the campaign, watched the debates, researched their plans. And I still voted Romney. Cause everything Obama is promising he can't fulfill. Gay marriage? It's a state issue, not a federal issue. Saying Romney wanted to end abortion? He never said that. You guys, Obama changed his views to fit better with us young voters. The economy was the biggest issue in this race.. If its true, then why isn't Romney the new president? Because young voters didn't do research. Don't whine when taxes go up.
  • jennmag81Wow I must have watched different debates. Romney said he wanted to make abortion illegal. He fumbled through equal pay for women by looking through his binders. He was against everything a decent human being should stand for. I am sure as hell glad I voted for Obama. I'm glad I spend hours making calls and I am immensely happy he won!
  • christinalaurenjLMAO at this fanatical bitter romney bs. Romney had flimsy plans designed to entice voters but ultimately all smoke and mirrors. Just accept defeat graciously. Mittens not being elected was the best possible outcome for the other 99%.
  • christinalaurenjAlso i love lea and Kevin. I'd vote for them in 2016
  • _whos_your_maddy@kolbey_always @egithens EXACTLY!!!! Thank u egithens!!
  • vml0611Haha lol! So happy!!!
  • stryeguy123Whos clayton
  • nno_2009ع البركه حبيبي
  • taylorleighscofYay! So happy
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