#Colorado is the best.  Roomies celebratin' :)(: #wedidit #64 #history #jamessss #boulder
  • sussiedubz#Colorado is the best. Roomies celebratin' :)(: #wedidit #64 #history #jamessss #boulder

  • ghbalesThis is fucking awesome. You're on buzzfeed hayhayyy
  • sussiedubz@ghbales what's buzzfeed?
  • ghbalesIt's a news/blog/random funny stuff website. http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/welcome-to-the-new-united-socialist-paradise-state
  • ghbalesCheck it out! CA's gotta be next!
  • sussiedubz@ghbales Yes yes! Haha I can't believe it's on buzzfeed I can't find it lol but what an awesome night 👍
  • ghbalesDamn the link doesn't work, but it's in the article "Welcome To The New United Socialist Paradise States Of America" :)
  • sussiedubz@ghbales just found it! hahaha that's unreal
  • sleeping_jesusBuzzfeed brought me here. Congrats! Moving out there ASAP lol
  • sussiedubz@keejus Hell ya!! Such an amazing day in Colorado, even more amazing than every day already is! So happy and proud to have voted for something that is part of history and our kids are gonna read in their textbooks one day!
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