The #DemocracyPlaza rink map updated. #NBCPolitics
  • nbcnewsThe #DemocracyPlaza rink map updated. #NBCPolitics

  • jhunerm@_helena_says_hi_ SMH... Are you aware that the recession began during the Bush administration?? Where hv you been all this time??? But don't just take my word for it... Look up the facts on the gov't website... It is there for all to see...unless of course you prefer to keep feeding yourself with the conspiracy.
  • tulioviloriaPoor America. Obama is the worst president ever
  • sjsg59Poor America? Keep drinkin that Koolaid...the next four years will fly by for ya!
  • rwentworth1To bad America re-elected Obama!
  • leoamayaWe picked Obama. Consider your self lucky. Ignorance is bliss.
  • katherinex0_omg that looks so pretty
  • helenaschreder11@jhuner yeah bush did waste a lot of money. But no where near as much as Obama. Obama said he would get us out of this recession but look at what he did. He is the biggest government spender IN THE WORLD!!! After his new term don't go blaming bush for the recession because Obama said there was more work to be done. It should be halfway done.
  • jhunerm@_helena_says_hi_ Oh so now ur contradicting yourself? Do u now realize that ur initial post blaming Obama for getting us into this recession was untrue? Before u make ignorant statements like this I suggest that you take some time off IG and use it wisely to do some factual research using the congressional budget office. Again... The facts are out there for everyone to see... Make use of it!!! Remember Bush found this country in a surplus and left it in a deficit.... #FactsAreFacts
  • helenaschreder11Ok bush did not get this country in surplus. He wasn't the only president before our idiot now that wasted money. @jhuner
  • thebazile1206Cool ice rink
  • jhunerm@_helena_says_hi_ HUH?????? Did you just say that Bush did NOT find this country in a SURPLUS??? *sigh* ...and this statement is coming from the same person who called Obama an idiot??? HAHAHAHAHA If you do not know this much truth then it's obvious that the ONLY idiot alive today is YOU!!!! Bush admitted it at the end of his presidency and Romney admitted it during his campaign...but're a special breed of stupid... If you want to argue politics you need to be knowledgeable on the basic facts... SMH
  • km59876ok nbcnews
  • jalynjanaescotttherealdeal_99dis is kool lol
  • love.neshaPretty
  • music_life9sooo cool
  • kategrowGo OBAMA! Go Ohio. ;)
  • idshhsjshshshshdbsGO OBAMA!!
  • kitties255Cool
  • splattergalObama rox
  • sunnie_seayNo obama Go Romney
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